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PIN-NL’s mission is to transfer knowledge about process intensification to target groups in Dutch chemical, food and pharma companies, as well as knowledge institutes and schools.

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Here we inform you as much as we can about:

· Upcoming meetings of the Association (Spring, Summer, Autumn Sessions)

which are open for non-members for a reasonable fee

· Related international events (PIN-UK, Dechema activities related to PI, etc.)

The potential of intensifying existing chemical, food or pharma plants yielding processes with significantly higher feedstock and energy efficiency

Joint Spring Session PIN-NL // PSE-NL April 13th @ Twente University



Company / Institute



Opening; welcome, safety procedures

Dr.ir. L. van der Ham

Twente University

News from PIN-NL

Ir. H.N. Akse

Chairman PIN-NL

News from PSE-NL

Prof.dr.ir. T. Kiss

Chairman PSE-NL

“Design of an Industrial Process for the Production of Aniline by direct Amination”

Ir. R. Driessen

Twente University / SPT

“Systematic design of hybrid separation processes”

Ir. M. Skiborowski

TU Dortmund

“Simultaneous Liquid A / Liquid B / Solids separation”

Ir. A. Kraus

GEA Chemicals Division; NL

Tea Break



Tour to High Pressure Labs

Prof.dr.ir. S. Kersten

Twente University

“From Batch to Continuous Flow”

Ir. J. Schakel

Flowlink, NL

“Design, optimisation and validation of a continuous chromatographic process “

Ir. F. Boon


Tea Break



“Cling-CO2: process design of integrated chemical looping membrane assisted reforming”

Ir. J. M. Jimenez


“PI: courses; highlights”

Prof.dr.ir. H. van den Berg


Wrap up, closing, drinks



Registration details for Spring Session on April 13th


Please register by email to: henk.akse@traxxys.com


Speakers and members of PIN-NL and PSE-NL have free access.

PIN-NL invitees who are currently nonmembers are kindly asked to upfront transfer an admittance fee of €50,- to Jos Beckers, treasurer of PIN-NL:

J.D.J.M. Beckers, Rijksweg Zuid 163, 6134 AB Sittard;

IBAN NL71 ABNA 0497 5956 05. Please add “Spring Session 2017” as a reference.

Journalist David Redeker has written a number of interesting stories about various presentations given during PIN-NL Sessions in 2016. Really recommended reading!!! Just click on the title of this message.

Six new Wiki-sheets on Intensified Technologies ready; publishing follows asap

Production of another six Wikisheets about intensified technologies has just finished in February 2017. We hope to present them to you shortly. They are about: Advanced Plate Heat Exchangers, Dividing Wall Columns, Hex Reactors, Microchannel Reactors, Reactive Distillation, Reactive Extraction, Supercritical Fluid Extraction/Reaction and Three Phase Trickle Bed Reactors.