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Design and intensification of industrial DADPM process at Huntsman, Rotterdam

The goal of this research was the extension of the DTU methodology for applicability on running, industrial processes and improvement of the Huntsman process, focus is on reduction of operation costs.

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Video's of Intensified processes

Cyclic distillation is a less known unit operation in Western Europe. In the Eastern part of Europe however, it already is a commonly used technology. This animation shows the hydrodynamics of vapor and liquid flows inside an operating cyclic distillation column.



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PIN-NL’s mission is to transfer knowledge about process intensification to target groups in Dutch chemical, food and pharma companies, as well as knowledge institutes and schools.

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The potential of intensifying existing chemical, food or pharma plants yielding processes with significantly higher feedstock and energy efficiency


19-10-16: THE PROGRAM

Dear Participant of our PI Community,

We like to invite you to our PIN-NL Autumn Session on October 19th.

In line with wishes from many Members and Participants we continue putting emphasis on intensification of the front end of Chemical Processes, the place where you make your molecules: the chemical reactor.

As the saying goes: if you only make the molecules you need you do not longer need separations and all the energy that goes with it…….

This time we offer you an interesting mix of practical experience with industrial scale up of micro reactors (Bayer) on the one hand and more fundamental work on promising new conversion technology (Ghent) on the other. A few more examples: ECM shows interesting technology to intensify naphtha cracking. Hogeschool Rotterdam explains how they want to support Rotterdam harbor based companies with concrete PI work done by their students.

We will meet on a special location: Woerden Castle will open its doors for you, situated in the middle of the country and easily reached by car and public transport.

See you on October 19th!

Kindest regards,

Prof.dr.ir. Henk van den Berg, scientific liaison, Process Plant Design, UTwente

Ir. Jos Beckers, treasurer, Sustainable Support Company

Jeffrey Felix, MM RM board member, Audiofacts Sound Innovation

Ir. Henk Akse, chairman,Traxxys

Please register by email to henk.akse@traxxys.com

Full program download: http://www.processinnovation.nl/file/download/45100032

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Hartelijke groet, Henk Akse