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MIPs stands for molecularly imprinted polymers. MIP’s are polymers with selective binding sites and can be used as separation materials with a predetermined selectivity. They are robust and can withstand solvents, elevated temperatures and most acids and bases. They can be regenerated and they exhibit ’chemical class’ selectivity.

Application examples: MIP’s can very selectively separate out the following molecules form complex mixtures:

Clenbuterol, Beta-agonists (class selective), Beta blockers (class selective), Full beta receptor, Chloramphenicol (milk, honey), Fluoroquinolones (class selective), Amphetamines (class selective), Analytical Applications, Amphetamines (class selective), Chloramphenicol (shrimp, honey, urine), NNAL, TSNAs (class selective), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Triazines (class selective), PAH, Ergot alkaloids,  Aminoglycosides.

In summary, MIPs can be used for higly selective analytical separations, they can remove selectively PAHs from natural extracts. Specialist resins can be designed to extract OPs from citrus oils. Since MIPs are selective they may also be used to extract desirable high-value flavor/fragrance molecules.

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