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Gerrald Bargeman PhD

NL GUTS congratulates Gerrald Bargeman, having defended successfully his dissertation 'Transport phenomena during Nanofiltration of Concentrated Solutions' at University Twente on 5 October 2016.

EZ Energy Award

Het ministerie van Economische Zaken organiseert in samenwerking met RVO.nl de EZ Energy Award 2016; een prijs voor inspirerende voorbeelden op het gebied van energiebesparing voor alle ondernemingen in Nederland.
Download de flyer en schrijf je uiterlijk 25 oktober 2016 in met je energiebesparingsproject om de Energy Award ter waarde van € 25,000 te winnen!


NL GUTS is the industrial platform Group of Users of Technology for Separation. Members are production companies in the chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-based and other process industries.
NL GUTS is supported by RVO.nl

NL GUTS, Netherlands Group of Users of Technology for Separation, is a competence network of 33 company groups in the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, biotechnology and bio-based industry. The purpose of NL GUTS is to transfer new knowledge and developments in separation technology among industries, from technology suppliers to industrial users and from knowledge institutions to industry read more

  • NL GUTS aims to enhance the efficiency of separation processes and to increase resource and energy efficiency of the process industry.
  • NL GUTS promotes exchanging and disseminating knowledge of separation technologies among industries and between industry and knowledge institutions.
  • NL GUTS organises interactive meetings, where technology suppliers and system integrators have the opportunity to present new developments around a specific topic.
  • NL GUTS has a strong historical tie with ISPT in which NL GUTS participates. Both networks are complementary, expanding the impact of the outcomes of their projects.

The NL GUTS LinkedIn Group discusses topics about separation systems in the process industry, announces NL GUTS meetings and gives summaries of the presentations.  Register at: NL GUTS LinkedIn group

The annual contribution of NL GUTS members supports so-called EAP projects; technology validation projects on real process streams of our members; in cooperation with ISPT and with RVO.nl

For more information or for becoming member, contact:

Jan Koning

Bart Manders

Chairman NL GUTS

Rijksdienst voor ondernemend Nederland (RVO)

T:+32 473 976 135

T: 088 - 602 2329

E: koning@trionpartners.nl

E: bart.manders@rvo.nl

NL GUTS members are:


Ever since NL GUTS brought together separation technology experts from industry, universities, technology suppliers and CRO’s with the purpose of sharing experiences, NL GUTS aimed at making this combined expertise available for industry.
Nearly all the parties listed below have presented their capabilities and insights during NL GUTS gatherings throughout the years. They depict together the versatility of our discipline.
Need to contact with any of these parties? read more

NL GUTS presentations and information

NL GUTS is offering a large amount of process innovations and concepts to the public. They have been presented to our members during the quarterly meetings.
We are currently able to disclose more than 100 presentations to the public. You may find your item of interest by entering a keyword at the 'Search for your Process Innovation' line below.

Full presentations are only available for NL GUTS members. Please login with your registered member account to browse the over three hundred pdf files uploaded to our member site.

NL GUTS in other media

Companies presented at NL GUTS meetings are exposed in other media.
Articles in Fluid Processing magazine:

Flowid     Aquastill     HeatMatrix     Newfoss    Pure pulse     Solsep     Pervatech    Perdix

Technology suppliers, NL GUTS and ISPT, a powerful tricycle towards sustainability

NL GUTS supported many innovative technology suppliers for the process industry in validating their technologies on real process streams of our members in cooperation with ISPT. 
All our  ‘Technoprojects’ and ‘Early Adopter Projects’ are now showcased in ISPT’s brandnew brochure Technology Suppliers Booklet 2016; you can download your copy from the ISPT site or from our site.

The variety of applications may inspire you to identify sustainability options in your company

start an eap - Early adopter project

Entrepreneurs that want to submit a proposal for an Early Adopter Project (EAP) can make use of the services of ISPT. The proposal will be shared and evaluated within ISPT and NL-GUTS. ISPT facilitates the project coordinator/technologysupplier during the entire project, from idea to end-report. The form to submit your project-idea can be downloaded here.
Click here for more information (in Dutch) on the Early Adopter Project Program.