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EAP & Technoprojects

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NL GUTS is sponsoring the following Early Adopter Projects:
EAP-20-01 LouwersHanique Inorganic Hollow Fiber Module
EAP-20-02 BLUE-tec Forward Osmosis
EAP-20-04 Bodec Cadans adsorption
EAP-20-05 Aquamarijn Rotating microfilters
EAP-20-06 EnerGQ we CARE


All Early Adopter Projects (EAP) and Techno projects have been summarized and published in the ISPT Technology Suppliers Booklet 2016 


Click items below for information on each Technoproject or EAP project:

Detailed information on above Technoprojects or EAP projects is available for NL GUTS Members.
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