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Although most of you who enter the members page are well informed about NL GUTS, for those who are new the information below may be of interest

NL GUTS, Netherlands Group of Users of Technology for Separation, is a competence network of 33 company groups. In the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, biotechnology and bio-based industry. The purpose of NL GUTS is to transfer new knowledge and developments in separation technology among industries, from technology suppliers to industrial users and from knowledge institutions to industry.

NL GUTS started in 1994 as an initiative of SenterNovem, one of the predecessors of RVO.nl, who is supporting NL GUTS from an energy saving perspective. Just like the two sister networks PIN-NL en NWGD.

The joint turnover of our members is about 750 billion €. The figure itself is not really important. It indicates however, that innovation promoted and developed through NLGUTS has a wider impact than only The Netherlands.

NL GUTS organises 5 gatherings each year around a topic: distillation and thermal separation; membranes; crystallization, affinity separation and miscellaneous like centrifugal forces, water, micro-separation. These meetings take place at one of our members or at places of technological competence universities, CRO’s, technology suppliers.

The annual contribution of NL GUTS is 1.310 € excl. VAT annually and it is used for financially supporting 4 EAP (Early Adopter Projects) in cooperation with ISPT www.ispt.eu and RVO.nl. These technology validation projects serve to make the process industry acquainted with new developments, to enhance implementation and to introduce SME companies to the large enterprises.

NL GUTS is participant of ISPT with an annual contribution of 55.000 € excl. VAT. The cooperation with ISPT is not only for the execution of EAP. NL GUTS and ISPT enhance each other’s impact, where NL GUTS serves as dissemination channel for results of ISPT projects and as generator of new ideas from industrial users and funnel of new technologies to ISPT, while ISPT has the organisation power to bring industrial and knowledge parties together to define and execute process development projects.

Membership is open for all users production companies in the process industries. SME companies especially. Technology suppliers and knowledge institutes cannot become member but are asked to present their new developments.

NL GUTS has a public file with links to companies and organisations in the field of separation and with best practices documents, summaries of presentations and of technology validation reports and other documents of interest.

Jan Koning Chairman NL GUTS

For questions and remarks please contact:

Jan Koning, Chairman NL GUTS
T:+32 473 976 135
E: koning@trionpartners.nl