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Henk Akse's pages

  • Oscillating Baffled Flow Crystallizer

    Last updated 900 days ago by Henk Akse
    Oscillating Baffled Flow Crystallizers solve a lot of issues inherent to batch crystallization. Particularly w.r.t. the scale up of batch crystallization there is no agreed rule or parameter in the industry: should it be the tip velocity of the...
  • Rotating Packed Beds

    Last updated 900 days ago by Henk Akse
    In cases where one experiences gas-side mass transfer limitations a packed tower for gas/liquid contacting may offer little room for improvement. In these situations an RPB may be a solution: centrifugal forces move the liquid through a porous...
  • Molecular Imprinted Polymers

    Last updated 900 days ago by Henk Akse
    MIPs stands for molecularly imprinted polymers. MIP’s are polymers with selective binding sites and can be used as separation materials with a predetermined selectivity. They are robust and can withstand solvents, elevated temperatures and...
  • Ionic LIquids

    Last updated 900 days ago by Henk Akse
    Ionic liquids are molten salts, consisting of cations and anions. The cations in general are of a complex nature and often belong to the following groups:  Halides: Cl- , Br- , I- Sulfates: CH3OSO3 - Sulfonates: CF3SO3 - Phosphates: PF6 -...
  • Dividing Wall Columns

    Last updated 900 days ago by Henk Akse
    Dividing Wall Columns (DWC’s) are widely applied by BASF in Ludwigshafen: between 40 and 50 of these columns are currently in operation. Sasol South Africa applies DWC technology in its prefractionator in Sasolburg, the biggest column to date...