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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20110419 Wazutec - Mr. Bert Snijder - UF with 800 l/(m².h)

Wazutec is an SME developing and commercializing advanced water and liquid treatment technologies. The membrane is monolith ceramic with a SiC layer from UF to MF. With very high clean water fluxes 30.000 l/(m².h). pH resistance 13 and T up to 400 °C. 14,7 or 6,5 m² per element. The oldest membrane today is 3 years. No cleaning required. Ptm is low. Experience on surface water, acid and alkali steams, catalyst streams. Commercial applications: SS 80 g/l with 200 l/(m².h) Surface water 135 l/(m².h) at 1 bar.

High fluxes is maintained by electrochemical conditioning of the water, creating iron(hydr)oxides and amorphous calciumcarbonate precipitates, which ultimately leads to less fouling. www.wazutec.nl



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