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ECN - Hybsi membranes

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20110419 Bilbao University / ECN- Ion Agirre - :”Acetalization reaction with Hybsi membranes, combined with Pervaporation”

Topic is the acetalisation reaction of ethanol with butyraldehyde. This reaction is exothermal and produces water. It is an equilibrium reaction. Distillation to separate the phases after reaction encounters several azeoptropic mixtures. Furthermore the reaction yield is only about 60%. The application of pervaporation in different combinations with the reaction was modeled and compared with experimental results. It was demonstrated that in a certain configuration the reaction yield can be moved to >98% at comparable or lower cost than conventional arrangements.

The membrane used was the hybrid Hybsi type developed at ECN and it appeared to be stable at high temperature and harsh conditions. www.ecn.nl


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