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DHV – Struvite crystals

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20110927 DHV – Peter Luimes – “Struvite crystals: ammonium and phosphate recovery to produce energy in a fuel cell”

DHV is a global consulting engineer in transportation, aviation, water and environment. DHV develops a technology to remove N and P in sewage treatment plants in the form of struvite (NH4)MgPO4·6(H2O). This may lead to more sustainable sewage treatment. By adding MgO (NL GUTS member Nedmag), Struvite is either precipitated or crystallized in a Crystalactor from the concentrated sludge digester reject water. The recovered Struvite is heated to form NH3 and MgHPO4. Ammonia is fed to a fuel cell to generate electricity and produce nitrogen and water. The phosphate is an attractive fertilizer.

The process in the pilot phase. Feasibility analysis shows economical potential. www.dhv.com


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