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SolSep B.V. – Technoproject membrane separation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20120417 SolSep B.V. – Mr. Petrus Cuperus – “Technoproject membrane separation: Inline recovery of solvents for chromatographic uses and membranes for treatment of organic solvents”

SolSep is an SME specialized in membranes separation in non-aqueous liquids. SolSep develops and manufactures its own membranes and modules and designs and contracts the membrane installations. This project tested the recovery of the chromatographic solvents acetonitril and methanol, supplied and analysed by Avantor. NL GUTS members Givaudan and DSM participated. Used solvents have to be recuperated to very high purity (< 10 ppb). Test have shown, that nanofiltration is not effective in recovering acetonitril because the impurities had a similar molecular weight as the solvent; NF on methanol is effective (>94% impurity retention), but < 10 ppb impurity cannot be obtained.

Of other proven applications examples were presented on solvent recovery and decolorisation and in combination with SPD short path distillation.


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