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UIC GmbH – Short Path Distillation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20120612 UIC GmbH – Mr. Axel Fliedner - New developements and applications of Short Path Distillation (SPD)

UIC (successor of Leybold) is an SME Engineering company (35 personnel) specialized in thin film and short path distillation. It is a subsidiary of BDI, having several technology companies in conventional and bio-processing. UIC designs, engineers and contracts distillation systems. Thin film evaporators use very thin films on the inside of a cylinder to heat the liquid and evaporate fast such that the components undergo little to no quality loss. It uses an internal wiper to remove the thickened material on the inside of the cylinder. The vapours pass an outside condenser.

In a short path distiller the condenser is placed inside the cylinder and in low (0,001 mbar) vacuum, reducing the path of the vapour considerably and also the process time to seconds range instead of minutes. SPD is applied for temperature sensitive materials and high-boiling substances in a wide range of industries (food, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, mineral oil and cosmetics) Combinations of TFE and SPD are used to split liquids with small boiling point differences. New development are rectification inserts and internal washing condensers. www.uic-gmbh.de


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