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TNO - Membrine

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20121204 TNO - Mr. Albert Jansen –Membrine

From the original Membrane Distillation (MD) process TNO developed two new principle processes: Mempower and Membrine.

In Mempower the pressure of the distillate from MD is increased to about 30 bar with little loss of heat all in the same MD module and this pressure is used to drive a power generator. The advantage is that both electricity and pure water can be produced with waste heat. The proof of principle has been demonstrated.

Membrine combines MD and crystallisation, in which a brine (for instance from RO) is further concentrated by MD and Osmotic Distillation to the extent of high super-saturation of salts. Precipitation of these salts on the membranes is prevented by seeding salt crystals and intermediate cooling. It was demonstrated in the lab, that the brine volume from seawater RO can be reduced from 50% to 1%, increasing water recovery to 99% while different salt fractions can be recovered.

Besides the above two processes TNO showed an example of electrochemical generation of hydrogen peroxide from oxygen dissolved in water. www.tno.nl


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