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FeyeCon – Supercritical CO2 in crystallisation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20121204 FeyeCon Carbondioxide Technologies – Mr. Gerard Hofland: Supercritical CO2 in crystallisation

FeyeCon applies supercritical carbondioxide (SCC) to influence the crystallisation process as well as the morphology of crystals. Applying SCC results in high bioavailability of compounds, absence of organic solvents in the product, economic stabilisation of sensitive bio-components and tailored product texture. FeyeCon has experience in steering the morphology by dissolving CO2 in the substrate with subsequent depressurisation, by dissolving materials in SCC followed by depressurisation, micronisation of poorly soluble compounds through dissolving in SCC and spray processing, polymorph manipulation via SCC as anti-solvent, co-crystallisation of poorly and well soluble drugs through SCC, encapsulation of food, drugs and cosmetics and with CO2 as alternative to freeze drying.

Examples were given for drugs, medicines, food, proteins, fruit, fibres, fats as food structuring agents. www.feyecon.com


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