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Rotating Packed Beds

Last updated 994 days ago by Henk Akse

In cases where one experiences gas-side mass transfer limitations a packed tower for gas/liquid contacting may offer little room for improvement. In these situations an RPB may be a solution: centrifugal forces move the liquid through a porous packing radially outward, whilst at the same time the contacting gas is forced to move in radially and countercurrently by applying a certain gas pressure.

A typical and well known example of an industrial RPB is the unit built and operated by DOW Chemical in USA. DOW needed low chloride hypochlorous acid production to replace chlorine in a certain application. A conventional absorber would yield a too high chloride level in its discharge due to droplet entrainment and a too long residence time of the HOCl in the decomposition pH zone. Three RPB units with a height of only 2,5 cm and an outside diameter of 40,6 cm could lower the chloride level to acceptable levels. 

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