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Oscillating Baffled Flow Crystallizer

Last updated 994 days ago by Henk Akse

Oscillating Baffled Flow Crystallizers solve a lot of issues inherent to batch crystallization. Particularly w.r.t. the scale up of batch crystallization there is no agreed rule or parameter in the industry: should it be the tip velocity of the impeller, the Mean velocity, the Averaged shear the ratio of diameter to height, the Geometric direct, RPM, STR Reynolds number, Power density?

OBFC is continuous crystallization. It has several advantages:

  • Crystallization volume reduced by 99.6% against traditional approach of 2 off 150 m3 STRs
  • Better area/volume ratio than batch (affects heat transfer)
  • Consistent morphology
  • Narrow size distribution
  • Easy to filter

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