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  • 20110419 NL GUTS presentations Membrane Separation

20110419 NL GUTS presentations Membrane Separation

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands




20110419 Voltea - Mr. Eric Driessen - Capacitive DeIonisation CapDI

Voltea is a spin-off from Unilever. The current major shareholder is Pentair. CapDi makes use of ion selective membranes between two electrodes. The ions are temporarily captured between membrane and electrode. The ion lean water is the product. By reversing the polarity of the electrodes the ions are released and collected as a concentrate and discharged. CapDi is suitable for tap and brackish waters till 2.500 ppm TDS for which the deionization is around 85%. Further polishing for real DI water can be done with EDI. The advantages are a very low power consumption and no chemicals used like with IX. State of the art is commercial scale till several m³/h. www.voltea.com


20110419 Wazutec - Mr. Bert Snijder - UF with 800 l/(m².h)

Wazutec is an SME developing and commercializing advanced water and liquid treatment technologies. The membrane is monolith ceramic with a SiC layer from UF to MF. With very high clean water fluxes 30.000 l/(m².h). pH resistance 13 and T up to 400 °C. 14,7 or 6,5 m² per element. The oldest membrane today is 3 years. No cleaning required. Ptm is low. Experience on surface water, acid and alkali steams, catalyst streams. Commercial applications: SS 80 g/l with 200 l/(m².h) Surface water 135 l/(m².h) at 1 bar. High fluxes is maintained by electrochemical conditioning of the water, creating iron(hydr)oxides and amorphous calciumcarbonate precipitates, which ultimately leads to less fouling. www.wazutec.nl


20110419 Bilbao University / ECN- Ion Agirre - :”Acetalization reaction with Hybsi membranes, combined with Pervaporation”

Topic is the acetalisation reaction of ethanol with butyraldehyde. This reaction is exothermal and produces water. It is an equilibrium reaction. Distillation to separate the phases after reaction encounters several azeoptropic mixtures. Furthermore the reaction yield is only about 60%. The application of pervaporation in different combinations with the reaction was modeled and compared with experimental results. It was demonstrated that in a certain configuration the reaction yield can be moved to >98% at comparable or lower cost than conventional arrangements. The membrane used was the hybrid Hybsi type developed at ECN and it appeared to be stable at high temperature and harsh conditions. www.ecn.nl


20110419 FrieslandCampina DMV – Jac Koenraads – Membrane separation at DMV Veghel

FrieslandCampina uses microfiltration to reduce bacteria counts in milk, increasing the shelve life, and for fractionation of milk proteins; ultrafiltration for concentrating milk proteins in whey as caseïnate and to produce soft cheese; nanofiltration to desalt whey streams and reverse osmosis to concentrate whey. From one of the side streams lactose is recovered. In Veghel about 34.000 m² of membranes have been installed and in operation, being one of the largest facilities in Europe. www.frieslandcampina.com


20110419 Huntsman – Ramon Scheffer – Pertraction of MDA

The production of polyurethanes requires the making of MDI, that is produced from MDA, a product from the reaction of aniline and formalin, catalysed by HCl. One waste stream is water containing salts, MDA and aniline. Conventional recovery of MDA and aniline involves several consecutive and parallel steps. With pertraction direct removal of MDA is possible by extracting MDA through a membrane to aniline. The mixture goes back to the reactor section and water to wwtp directly.

The development program consisted of membrane selection, module selection, batch tests and continuous test connected to full scale production. All principles and operability were proven, sponsored by Agentschap NL. Next phase is demo. Partners are sought. www.huntsman.com


20110419 Pervatech – Frans Velterop - “Technoproject Pervaporation: Extension of the scope of applicability of Pervatech pervaporation membranes

Pervatech is an SME, specialized in pervaporation. The NL GUTS Technoproject tested four different ceramic membranes of Pervatech on the separation of a water methanol ammonia stream of Huntsman in different fractions and on the removal of water from a condensation reaction of DSM. In the first case the separation was not possible in one application and possible in the other but not feasible in operation. In the second case the ceramic membrane performed better than the polymeric membrane in use. The ceramic membrane with best results was Hybsi developed by ECN. www.pervatech.nl


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