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20110621 NL GUTS presentations Distillation

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands




20110621 HeatMatrix Group – Robert Sakko – “Waste Heat Recovery with Composite Heat Exchangers”

HeatMatrix is an SME, having developed a patented innovative plastic heat exchanger for high temperature and harsh applications. It operates in 100% counter current flow with 215 m²/m³ heat exchange surface and an overall transfer efficiency of 1.750 kW/m³ installation volume for flue gases, outperforming other current technologies at 10%of its weight and 35% of installation size. Major target application is wet flue gas streams of steam boilers, HVAC, furnaces and power plants. www.heatmatrixgroup.com


20110621 IPCOS – Bert Pluymers – “INCA4Distillation”

IPCOS is an SME, specialized in APC advanced process control of production units in the process industry with applications worldwide. The INCA4Distillation control module is based on physical descriptions of the dynamic behavior of distillation columns and associated equipment and using historical data to predict and correct distillation and utility performance. Experience in several examples show savings in energy, while improving impurity targets and coping with feed changes. www.ipcos.com


20110621 Plant One – Karin Husmann – “Plant One; daar worden ideeën grote van”

Plant One is the Centre for testing, demonstrating and optimizing sustainable innovative technologies locates in the Rotterdam Botlek zone. Plant One offers flexible test and demonstration plots of 400-2.400 m² in a workshop of 10.000 m² floor space, including lab facilities, utilities and meeting rooms. The availability of an overall environmental permit and support staff makes possible a relatively quick start-up of process installations till demo scale. Focus is on chemical, food, biochemical industry and equipment manufacturers for applications in bio-fuel, recycling, recovery and use of CO2. www.plant-one.nl


20110621 MICROPELT – Don Mulder (MUTREES) – “Thermal Energy Harvesting for wireless sensor networks”

Micropelt GmbH is an SME, having developed the Thermo-Harvester to produce electricity from heat. This enables sensors on process installations without hard wired power supply and also wireless sensor networks for sensor data transmission. This leads to major savings and makes possible multiple sensors on one process unit to better follow and control these units at moderate cost including locations where conventional sensors and powering are not feasible. Mutrees assists Micropelt in the development of this technology in process industry. The outline of the NL GUTS Technoproject to demonstrate the Thermo-Harvester in bulk chemicals at Huntsman and in pharmaceuticals at Dishman was presented. Commercial applications are in process industry, HVAC, hydraulics and equipment. www.micropelt.com www.mutrees.nl


20110621 AkzoNobel – Tony Kiss – “Dividing-Wall column, the new champion in distillation”

AkzoNobel (an NL GUTS member) as a major chemical industry develops the DWC technology for several applications. BASF has built over 70 DWC’s since 1985. Tony Kiss presented a technology overview of DWC with major advantages in equipment savings (20-30%) and energy cost (25-30%) and higher product purity. These stem from process advantages in thermodynamics, heat exchange and no remixing that are much bigger than the major drawback in loss of degrees of freedom in design and operation on pressure and higher pressure drop and temperature difference. Azeotropic, Extractive, Reactive and Multi-component distillation are possible, thanks to large flexibility in column design and control structures. www.akzonobel.com


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