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20110927 NL GUTS presentations Crystallisation

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands




20110927 DHV – Peter Luimes – “Struvite crystals: ammonium and phosphate recovery to produce energy in a fuel cell”

DHV is a global consulting engineer in transportation, aviation, water and environment. DHV develops a technology to remove N and P in sewage treatment plants in the form of struvite (NH4)MgPO4·6(H2O) This may lead to more sustainable sewage treatment. By adding MgO (NL GUTS member Nedmag), Struvite is either precipitated or crystallized in a Crystalactor from the concentrated sludge digester reject water. The recovered Struvite is heated to form NH3 and MgHPO4. Ammonia is fed to a fuel cell to generate electricity and produce nitrogen and water. The phosphate is an attractive fertilizer. The process in the pilot phase. Feasibility analysis shows economical potential. www.dhv.com


20110927 Traxxys – Henk Akse – “Continuous Crystallization with Ni-Tech OBFC technology”

Traxxys is an SME, focusing on sustainability in process industry with specialization in Process Intensification (PI). Traxxys presents the NL GUTS Technoproject with the Ni-Tech Oscillating Baffled Flow Crystallization technology from Scotland. This continuous OBFC process features a tubular reactor with a large number of O-shaped baffles, through which the crystallizing liquid flows. On this flow an oscillation is superimposed, leading to forward and backward moving of that flow. Over the length of the tube temperature regimes can be controlled, residence times between baffles changed and energy input varied. This results in a narrower particle size distribution, better controlled crystals, a much smaller reactor and increased production capacity. The results with Purac, Croda and Cosun were presented. There are commercial installations in pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industry. www.nitechsolutions.co.uk www.traxxys.nl


20110927 InnovationConcepts – Frans Knops – “CO2 energy reactor: capturing CO2 in Olivine for new materials”

InovationConcepts is an SME with expertise in Gravity Pressure Vessel technology (GPV) to be used for producing valuable materials by capturing CO2 in minerals and generating high level heat. Depending on the mineral the valuable materials are magnesium-bicarbonate, silica, nickel salt. Other applications in tailings, ores and wastes are explored. The GPV consists of a 1.200 m deep reactor with internals for directing flows, injection of reactants and heat recovery. The process has run for over 10 years on the mineralization of sludge. Current status of the new applications is batch autoclave later to be followed by a continuous autoclave and pilot. www.innovationconcepts.eu


20110927 TU DELFT – Geert Jan Witkamp – “Trends in Crystallization and Eutectic Freeze Crystallization”

Witkamp reviews the trends in crystallization: from Super Critical CO2, from ionic liquids, for recovering calcium-carbonate for paper, the use of ultrasound, the application of scaling sensors, new ways of scaling limitation and removal, the use of crystallization for zero discharge water treatment. An illustration of the latter is Eutectic Freeze Crystallization EFC for removing scaling compounds and salts from water, RO concentrates, ion exchange regenerates enabling full water recovery and winning of valuable trace elements. Current status of EFC is industrial scale applied at Umicore in process for MgSO4 and NiSO4 recovery. Other applications on pilot scale. www.tudelft.nl


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