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  • 20120417 NL GUTS presentations Membrane Separation

20120417 NL GUTS presentations Membrane Separation

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands




20120417 MACT / Danvos - Mr. Ton Franken – Technoproject Membrane separation PI: Alternative process of pulp processing and processing of the liquid phase

MACT deals with membrane application research and development. Danvos has developed a new way of mild pulp disclosure. The mild disclosure method of Danvos avoids the intensive milling and mixing of plant material. It prevents the formation of fine suspension pulp, which enhances the downstream treatability. NL GUTS members Cosun and Purac participated in this Technoproject. Sugar beet leaves and sugar beet pulp from a conventional extraction have been processed. The liquid was treated with nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. NF on beet leaves liquid exhibited good and stable performance. NF on extracted beet pulp liquid showed fast flux decline, but the cause can be taken away. RO on both NF permeates was stable. The different liquid streams have a useful destination. www.mact.nl


20120417 MTR Inc. - Mr. Marc Schurmans – Membranes in practice

Membrane Technology and Research Inc. is established in Menlo Park CA, USA. MTR is specialized in membrane applications in (petro)chemical and gas processes with focus on material recovery. It develops and manufactures its own membranes and modules and designs and builds membrane installations (>200 references). Membrane process selection is based on size-, reverse- and polar solubility selectivity. Examples are recovery of hydrocarbons from inert gases in PVC, PE, PP, EO, VAM, Acetaldehyde; recovery and split of H2, N2, CO, CO2 in Syngas, methanol and NH3 production, H2/CH4 in hydrotreaters and hydrocrackers, LPG and natural gas purification. New development is a demo for Post Combustion CO2 Capture from coal fired power flue gas. www.mtrinc.com


20120417 SolSep B.V. – Mr. Petrus Cuperus – “Technoproject membrane separation: Inline recovery of solvents for chromatographic uses and membranes for treatment of organic solvents”

SolSep is an SME specialized in membranes separation in non-aqueous liquids. SolSep develops and manufactures its own membranes and modules and designs and contracts the membrane installations. This project tested the recovery of the chromatographic solvents acetonitril and methanol, supplied and analysed by Avantor.  NL GUTS members Givaudan and DSM participated. Used solvents have to be recuperated to very high purity (< 10 ppb). Test have shown, that nanofiltration is not effective in recovering acetonitril because the impurities had a similar molecular weight as the solvent; NF on methanol is effective (>94% impurity retention), but < 10 ppb impurity cannot be obtained.

Of other proven applications examples were presented on solvent recovery and decolorisation and in combination with SPD short path distillation.


20120417 University Twente – Nieck Benes – Hollow fibre metallic and ceramic membranes

The Membrane Technology Group at Twente has developed hollow fiber metal and ceramic membranes (stainless steel/Pd) by incorporating a polymer matrix on which a thin layer of metal or ceramic membranes is co-casted. Good gas permeability (10-4 – 10-6 mol/(m².Pa.s)) porosity 30-50%. The polymer is removed later, resulting in a relatively strong and flexible metal or ceramic membranes. Target applications are high capacity gas separation with large area per installation volume, pervaporation, nanofiltration and membrane reactors. http://www.utwente.nl/tnw/im/research/


20120417 Process Design Center – Hank Vleeming/Hans Keuken – Conceptual design of catalytic membrane reactors”

PDC is specialized in process design and synthesis, of which the expertise is also used for energy optimisation, benchmarking and greenhouse gas reduction. PDC presented the outline of the European CARENA project www.carenafp7.eu  to develop and implement novel nano-structured materials and optimized membrane-reactor based chemical processes. Special focus is enabling routes from light alkanes to feedstock for chemical industry. The project features 19 partners from 8 EU countries. PDC role is to develop the conceptual design of the process making use of its PROSYN process synthesis tool. PDC elucidated the design approach. http://www.process-design-center.com  


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