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  • 20120612 NL GUTS presentations Distillation - Thermal Separation

20120612 NL GUTS presentations Distillation - Thermal Separation

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands




20120612 Aquastill - Mr. Bart Nelemans – Technoproject Aquastill for process liquids & Status Aquastill Aquastill develops and commercialises membrane distillation modules and processes. The current Aquastill membrane distillation module is spiral wound and Aquastill focuses today at small to medium size applications and using waste heat. The process already operates at temperature differences of < 5°C over the membrane (for instance cooling water) with increasing capacity at higher temperature differences (for instance condensate). The process increases the thermal efficiency of processes considerably. NL GUTS members Cosun DSM, Nedmag and Purac participated in this Technoproject. In all these cases organic as well as inorganic solutions and suspensions could be concentrated further than expected and far above solubility without losing too much capacity at waste heat temperatures between 60 and 80°C. Long term pilot tests for several applications are planned. www.aquastill.nl


20120612 AkzoNobel. - Mr. Mayank Shah – Reactive distillation: An attractive alternative for polyesters synthesis

AkzoNobel presented an ISPT project on reactive distillation (RD), that resulted in a new continuous intensified polyester process with an adequately predicting RD model with production times less than 20% of the conventional process. Shah elucidated the model framework and model bases with good correspondence between experimental and model data.

RD internals were tested as well. The result is suitable for implementation in a multi-product continuous plant.

The ISPT project participants are AkzoNobel, DSM and Technical University Eindhoven. www.ispt.eu ; www.akzonobel.com


20120612 DSM – Mr. Aris de Rijke: Development of a multiproduct reactive distillation column for unsaturated resins production

From considerations on the advantages (lower energy, reduced process time, more consistent product quality, lower capital) and the disadvantages (narrow operation window, reduced flexibility, product grade change challenges) DSM defined the potential of RD for their resins production. Combining the outcomes of their theoretical exercises and tests with the results of the TUe ISPT project, DSM developed their multiproduct RD column for their resins. DSM succeeded in designing the reaction and separation section of the RD column and developed almost zero loss operation strategies during product grade changes in this continuous process.

Production time reduced by 80%, energy consumption by >80% and capital by 20% www.dsm.nl


20120612 ECN/ISPT – Mr. Dolf Bruinsma – Advanced Distillation Cluster (ADC)

On behalf of ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology) ECN is developing a European platform for Research, Development and Implementation of Distillation Technologies, in which end-users, technology suppliers, CRO’s and academia and national and EU networks participate to develop and implement advanced distillation systems. The projects are end-user demand driven with public private partnership funding on basis of annual ticket membership fees. IP protection is guaranteed at a shared and at project level. The cluster provides a home base for longer than project collaboration in a trust based community of enthusiastic peer network participants. It facilitates sharing of best practices and project and implementation challenges on all levels from discovery to implementation. Program volume is about 5 million EUR over 4/5 years with 5 to 10 participants or more. www.ispt.eu, www.ecn.nl


20120612 BioEnergie Herk – Mr. Luc Lavrijsen – BioEnergie Herk: Company

BioEnergie herk developed form a conventional farm to a large integrated agricultural company entailing crops, pig breeding, asparagus and bio-waste to bio-gas for energy recovery. This combination provides sufficient margin for future development and existence. Farm waste and external bio-waste are co-digested. Biogas fuels a Combined Heat and Power unit generating electricity and heat for the farm as well as for the power grid. Heat and waste heat are used stables in winter, housing and season dormitories, fermenting pig feed, the biogas tanks, sanitizing products and drying of digestate. Future developments focus on upgrading raw materials, soil improvement and extension to non-agriculture activities.


20120612 UIC GmbH – Mr. Axel Fliedner - New developements and applications of Short Path Distillation (SPD)

UIC (successor of Leybold) is an SME Engineering company (35 personnel) specialized in thin film and short path distillation. It is a subsidiary of BDI, having several technology companies in conventional and bio-processing. UIC designs, engineers and contracts distillation systems. Thin film evaporators use very thin films on the inside of a cylinder to heat the liquid and evaporate fast such that the components undergo little to no quality loss. It uses an internal wiper to remove the thickened material on the inside of the cylinder. The vapours pass an outside condenser.

In a short path distiller the condenser is placed inside the cylinder and in low (0,001 mbar) vacuum, reducing the path of the vapour considerably and also the process time to seconds range instead of minutes. SPD is applied for temperature sensitive materials and high-boiling substances in a wide range of industries (food, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, mineral oil and cosmetics) Combinations of TFE and SPD are used to split liquids with small boiling point differences. New development are rectification inserts and internal washing condensers. www.uic-gmbh.de


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