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  • 20130226 NL GUTS Presentations Membrane Separation

20130226 NL GUTS Presentations Membrane Separation

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands




20130226 Pervatech - Mr. Frans Velterop – Technoproject Results: Recovery of aggressive solvents that are difficult to separate

Pervatech develops, produces and commercializes ceramic pervaporation membranes, modules and processes. Pervatech is licensee of the ECN HybSi® membrane, used in his Technoproject. The HybSi® membrane features excellent chemical and temperature stability required to make a wide range of industrial applications with solvents and reactor media, esterification, poly-condensation etc. NL GUTS member Givaudan and ISPT member Pentair X-Flow participated in this Technoproject, investigating solvent recovery from waste streams. For Pentair X-Flow model liquids showed excellent separation, while the real waste stream featured lower efficiencies. This will be investigated further. With Givaudan the HybSi® membrane was modified such that the solvent could pass. Recoveries were excellent of almost pure solvent, concentrated valuable components and very promising economical feasibility. Long term pilot tests are planned www.pervatech.com


20130226 University Twente – Mrs. Olga Kattan - Electrodialysis of amino acids for the production of biochemicals

The MESA+ Nanotechnology Group of UT investigates bio-refinery concepts for the production of industrial materials applying membranes. Focus here is to separate the different amino-acids generated from cheap protein sources into the pure compounds by applying ED making use of electrical charge dependency from pH. The proof of principle was demonstrated for the Aspartic acid –Glutamic acid mixture; for the : γ-Aminobutyric acid – Aspartic acid mixture enhanced by enzymatic conversion and for similar mixtures including neutral amino acids. To avoid the use of pH- control chemicals bi-polar ED membranes were used for OH- and H+ . Complex mixtures were successfully separated, including tackling the negative properties of Arginine by optimizing between EDUF and SPEEK membranes. Mixed Matrix Membranes in this ED - enzymatic conversion field require further development www.utwente.nl


20130226 Haffmans / Pentair - Mr. Emile Martynowicz – From Biogas to green CH4 and CO2

Haffmans as part of the Pentair Food & Beverage Group manufactures quality control and process equipment for the brewing and beverage industries globally since decades. It started 5 years ago with the development of CO2 recovery and biogas upgrading solutions for the brewing / beverage, bio-ethanol and biogas industry. The purpose of this development was to produce valuable CO2 and CH4 from biogas instead of conventionally utilising the energy content only. Applying two-step membrane separation 97% pure methane is generated with about 5% loss of CH4 being converted to heat. CO2 is not recovered. Combining two step membrane separation and Haffmans standard adsorptive CO2 upgrading results in 100% methane recovery (also 97% pure) and pure food grade gaseous CO2 to be used directly. Adding cryogenic CO2 liquefaction makes possible to sell the recovered CO2. Water and H2S, usually present in biogas are removed upstream the membranes in a conventional way. Haffmans has several commercial scale references. www.haffmans.nl


20130226 EMI Twente – Mr. Zandrie Borneman - Permporometer and other Techniques for Troubleshooting

European Membrane Institute EMI at University Twente executes applied membrane research for industry. Making use of the vast membrane knowhow, it occurs strictly separated from the membrane research group of UT. EMI valorises knowledge by selling specialty equipment and devices. Furthermore the confidential work varies from developing processes to troubleshooting and membrane characterisation. EMI’s available techniques to the latter two activities are: Bubble point, Hg Intrusion, Electron Microscopy, Surface porosity, Bulk porosity, Retention/Rejection, Flux, temperature stability, Charge (fouling), Solvent resistance, Wettability, Component extraction, MWCO etc.. Permporometry was developed on basis of PhD work of 20 years ago. It relates structure of the membrane to permeation behaviour. Conditions are ambient at low pressures. The method is based on controlled pore blocking by capillary condensation of a vapour, present as a component in gas streams of different composition (e.g. N2 and air) that each flow along one side of the membrane. Simultaneously the vapour activity in the gas streams and the diffusion oxygen transport in the membrane are measured. The result is a complete pore size distribution (1 – 50 nm) with insight in retention performance, including malfunctioning for trouble shooting. www.utwente.nl/tnw/emi


20130226 Paques – Mr. Peter van der Heijden – Electrochemical Membranes in Biotechnology; some experiences

Paques is renowned for its biological solutions to complex environmental problems and sustainability projects in the major industry branches worldwide. In order to accommodate the issues of salt build-up and the necessity to recover and separate more complex compounds, Paques has developed dedicated membrane processes and currently develops electrochemical membrane processes (Ionpaq) for recovery of components or removing toxic compounds prior to the bio-reactors and for upstream recovery of salts and metals and desalination of product flows: membrane electrolysis to recover acids and bases from salty digester feeds, including scaling prevention; electrodialysis to remove ions from complex industrial streams (ISPT project); electro(dia)lysis to recover sulphide as elemental sulphur from spent caustics; bio-electrochemical membrane process for minerals recovery from manure on farm level. www.paques.nl


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