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  • 20130924 NL GUTS Presentations Affinity Separation

20130924 NL GUTS Presentations Affinity Separation

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands




20130924 Pepscan Therapeutics BV - Mr. Peter Timmerman – CLIPS technology for large scale applications

Pepscan is a Dutch SME specialized in chromatographic separations. It developed therapeutic CLIPS Peptides that are very specific for certain protein amino-acid combinations and thereby are able to selectively execute action to these proteins. The production is relatively cheap and does not require any catalyst, not the applications. Used for therapeutic applications and monoclonal antibody preparations the CLIPS technology is suitable for selective recovery of specific compiounds from a multitude of compounds in for instance biomass broths, which makes the CLIPS technology potentially suitable for bio-refineries. www.pepscan.com


20130924 Feyecon – Mrs. May Young Lin – NL GUTS Technoproject: Adding value to the Inulin production process – production of pharmaceutical ingredients from existing streams

Feyecon is specialized in applying super- and subcritical CO2 (SCC) for a large number of purposes. One is the extraction of compounds for biomass for pharmaceuticals and food additives. This Technoproject with NL GUTS members Sensus (Cosun) and AVEBE and executed together with ISPT focused on the recovery of Inulin. Sensus wants to isolate API from by-products. Depending on the different interactions of compounds, extraction seems technically and economically feasible. AVEBE is interested in finding a more sustainable and economical alternative for recovering API from potato streams. During this project an optimum could not yet been defined. Further tests are required. www.feyecon.com


20130924 Ioniqa - Mr. Marcel Vilaplana – Sustainable NonVirgin PET Depolymerisation using Magnetic Fluids

Ioniqa is a starting SME from Eindhoven The Netherlands. It produces and sells magnetic smart materials used in automotive and other industries. Ioniqa has developed a catalytic method to depolymerise waste PET to its PTA monomers. A major advantage is that the process and the production of monomers are not affected by color agents in the PET bottle. The colors are easily separated from the blank monomers. A distinctive step in the process is the use of a magnetic fluid to recover recovers the catalyst. The proof of concept has been established. Feasibility calculations show that this atmospheric process at modestly elevated temperatures, producing as demonstrated monomers within the specifications of virgin monomers, consumes less energy and is cheaper than processes based on shifting the polyester - monomer equilibrium. www.ioniqa.com


20130924 TopChemieMr. Arie Brouwer - TopChemie Δ, valorization network for the Top Sector Chemistry in The Netherlands.

The four Topconsortia Knowledge & Innovation (SPM, ISPT, NCI/COAST, BBE) under the Top Sector Chemistry have started a joint network of 14 contact points distributed over The Netherlands to assist Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in developing the set-up and growth of the company (starters), in developing relationships and business between users and suppliers of chemical technologies and support systems and in enabling SME to participate in financial support schemes for projects and growth.

TopChemie organises courses, individual coaches, workshops, market days as well as answers questions about project development, marketing, IP, administration, procurement, competences. The 22 coaches of TopChemie bring in their own expertise and make use of the vast network of the 4 TKI’s, but also make available their own vast network of years of business environment. Several examples were presented. www.topchemie.nl


20130924 TU Dortmund – Prof. Gabriele Sadowski – Predicting the extraction behavior of Pharmaceuticals

The laboratory of Thermodynamics at the TU Dortmund Germany studies the interaction between compounds from a thermodynamic angle. The current work aims at reducing the required extensive experimental effort for selecting and optimizing the extraction system by a predictive model for liquid liquid extraction (LLE). This model was developed from using only measured solubility data of pharmaceuticals in pure solvents, fit these to solvent 1 and solvent 2 interaction parameters and model the extraction behaviour via PC-SHAFT Equation of State. The model outcomes fit the experimental results very well, indicating the ability of the model to predict the extraction behaviour. http://www.th.bci.tu-dortmund.de


20130924 TKI ISPT – Mr. Arend de Groot: Cluster Energy Efficient Liquid Bulk Separation

TKI ISPT is one of the 4 Topconsortia Kennis & Innovatie for the Topsector Chemie and focuses on the development of sustainable production processes. Processes are developed in demand driven projects only from the industry participants in ISPT. Work is executed by industrial process owners, technology suppliers and knowledge institutes around certain themes in so-called clusters of stake holders. The Cluster EEBS works in the field of new and better processes with large capacities (distillation, membranes, affinity) in oil, gas, chemicals bio-refining, food, partly in relation with the other Topsectors Energy and AgrFood. TKI ISPT participates also in TopChemie the new valorisation network for SME in The Netherlands.. www.ispt.eu


20130924 PDC Process Design Center – Mr. Hank Vleeming: Affinity Separation in Conceptual Process Design

PDC works on the synthesis of new (bio)chemical processes for oil, gas, (petro)chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. It does that in a structured way using the PROSYN expert system. This system houses a large digital library of processes, separation technologies, compound properties, physical parameters. PROSYN guids the developer through the different stages of process synthesis, chemical and energy efficiencies arriving at indication of economical efficiency. Development started in Germany in 1980 and has been extended ever since. PDC developed the Windows version and made it available for a large number of applications. www.process-design-center.com


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