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Pervatech – Technoproject Solvent recovery

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20130226 Pervatech - Mr. Frans Velterop – Technoproject Results: Recovery of aggressive solvents that are difficult to separate

Pervatech develops, produces and commercializes ceramic pervaporation membranes, modules and processes. Pervatech is licensee of the ECN HybSi® membrane, used in his Technoproject. The HybSi® membrane features excellent chemical and temperature stability required to make a wide range of industrial applications with solvents and reactor media, esterification, poly-condensation etc. NL GUTS member Givaudan and ISPT member Pentair X-Flow participated in this Technoproject, investigating solvent recovery from waste streams.

For Pentair X-Flow model liquids showed excellent separation, while the real waste stream featured lower efficiencies. This will be investigated further. With Givaudan the HybSi® membrane was modified such that the solvent could pass. Recoveries were excellent of almost pure solvent, concentrated valuable components and very promising economical feasibility. Long term pilot tests are planned www.pervatech.com


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