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Haffmans / Pentair – From Biogas to green CH4 and CO2

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20130226 Haffmans / Pentair - Mr. Emile Martynowicz – From Biogas to green CH4 and CO2

Haffmans as part of the Pentair Food & Beverage Group manufactures quality control and process equipment for the brewing and beverage industries globally since decades. It started 5 years ago with the development of CO2 recovery and biogas upgrading solutions for the brewing / beverage, bio-ethanol and biogas industry. The purpose of this development was to produce valuable CO2 and CH4 from biogas instead of conventionally utilising the energy content only. Applying two-step membrane separation 97% pure methane is generated with about 5% loss of CH4 being converted to heat. CO2 is not recovered.

Combining two step membrane separation and Haffmans standard adsorptive CO2 upgrading results in 100% methane recovery (also 97% pure) and pure food grade gaseous CO2 to be used directly. Adding cryogenic CO2 liquefaction makes possible to sell the recovered CO2. Water and H2S, usually present in biogas are removed upstream the membranes in a conventional way.

Haffmans has several commercial scale references. www.haffmans.nl


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