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EMI Twente – Permporometer and other techniques

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20130226 EMI Twente – Mr. Zandrie Borneman - Permporometer and other Techniques for Troubleshooting

European Membrane Institute EMI at University Twente executes applied membrane research for industry. Making use of the vast membrane knowhow, it occurs strictly separated from the membrane research group of UT. EMI valorises knowledge by selling specialty equipment and devices. Furthermore the confidential work varies from developing processes to troubleshooting and membrane characterisation.

EMI’s available techniques to the latter two activities are: Bubble point, Hg Intrusion, Electron Microscopy, Surface porosity, Bulk porosity, Retention/Rejection, Flux, temperature stability, Charge (fouling), Solvent resistance, Wettability, Component extraction, MWCO etc.. Permporometry was developed on basis of PhD work of 20 years ago. It relates structure of the membrane to permeation behaviour. Conditions are ambient at low pressures.

The method is based on controlled pore blocking by capillary condensation of a vapour, present as a component in gas streams of different composition (e.g. N2 and air) that each flow along one side of the membrane. Simultaneously the vapour activity in the gas streams and the diffusion oxygen transport in the membrane are measured. The result is a complete pore size distribution (1 – 50 nm) with insight in retention performance, including malfunctioning for trouble shooting. www.utwente.nl/tnw/emi


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