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SmurfitKappa – Separation scan

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20130416 SmurfitKappa - Mr. Tim Snijckers – Separation scan outcome and experience

SmurfitKappa Roermond produces 565.000 ton recycled paper from 600.000 ton recovered paper. Processing recovered paper brings starch compounds into circulating process water. Microbial activity converts starch into lower fatty acids leading to problems in the paper making process, water treatment and smell. A team of experts from ECN and Paques have made a brief but in depth analysis of the occurrence and features of these fatty acids in the process. They developed three scenarios (Starch; Acids; Nutrients) to handle the process causes to reduce the problem as well as to recover the fatty acids for value. (sludge return scheme, nanofiltration and electrodialysis) The team suggested a new cost approach.

The Separation scan was initiated by NL GUTS member KCPK bringing together the paper mills of ESKA, SCA and SmurfitKappa with similar raw materials, processes and problems.

The separation scan with experts from outside the paper sector was unbiased, brought new insights, gave focus to existing ideas and helped prioritizing outcomes. SmurfitKappa is currently implementing one of the suggestions www.smurfitkappa-roermondpapier.com


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