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Evodos – Technoproject Digestate Separation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20130416 Evodos - Mr. Hen Boele and Mr. Herre Hoekstra – Principle and functioning of Evodos centrifuge and NL GUTS Technoproject results: Digestate Separation with Spiral Plate Technology

Evodos is a Dutch SME that developed and owns the spiral plate technology for centrifugal L/L and S/L separation without PE chemicals at low 300 G and with minimum power. Conditions are gentle, no pressure, minimum temperature rise (<0,2°C), noise and vibration. The units are automated and require minimum skills. The Technoproject participants are NL GUTS members VION and Bio-Energie Herk.

The project focused at further solids separation from decanter centrate, dewatering digestate and at maximizing phosphate recovery from digestate sludge cake. Further solids separation goes well, however the very low solids in the inlet resulted in a wetter cake than normal. Savings on flocculants are balanced by higher drying cost. Recovery of phosphate was 60% without chemicals while target is higher.

Conclusion is that technically it is promising. Further development is needed to arrive at a good business case. The new high capacity machine helps reducing capital cost. www.evodos.eu


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