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Flowid/Spinid – Spinning Disc liquid liquid extraction and separation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20130416 Flowid/Spinid – Mr. Wessel Hengeveld - Intensified centrifugal liquid liquid extraction and separation with Spinning Disc

Spinid, as sister company of Flowid, markets and sells products on basis of the spinning disc technology developed by Technical University Eindhoven. Flowid sells services in the same field and in innovative process engineering. Both are SME. The Spinning disc extractor has a rotating disc and a rotating house, while the reactor has a static house. The rotating house enables the separation of liquids that have been mixed previously. Thanks to the narrow disc channels and the small droplet sizes the extraction process is extremely fast. The rotating house uncouples control of the separation step. Comparison with four types of current centrifugal extractors claims a tenfold capacity per footprint at comparable power uptake. Water/heptane was tested.

This technology is so new that capacity boundaries were not determined yet. Capacities of around 200 litre/hour are certainly possible with the smallest type. www.spinid.nl


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