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Shell Global Solutions – Potassium carbonate to sequester CO2

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20131203 Shell Global Solutions - Mr. Lodi Schoon – Potassium carbonate to sequester CO2

Shell develops a route for the capture of CO2 via accelerated absorption in a potassium carbonate solution and precipitate it as potassium carbonate. The process utilizes the carbonate to bicarbonate reaction for the absorption of CO2 followed by precipitation and concentration of part of the bicarbonate before entering the regenerator to produce concentrated CO2 by temperature increase. This process can be an attractive alternative for existing carbon-capture post-combustion technologies because of its energy efficiency potential.

Screening pilot plant experiments have shown sufficiently high cyclic loadings and confirmed the operation at the predicted low stripping steam rates. The CO2 vapour pressure of lean solvent entering the absorber was low enough to supply sufficient driving force for 90% removal of CO2 from flue gas containing 4% CO2. This needs to be further demonstrated in a further improved pilot-plant set-up. www.shell.com


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