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Lely Industries / TUD – CO2 sequestration

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20131203 Lely Industries / TUD – Mrs. Shiva Shayegan Salek – Potential to have CO2 sequestration as a mineral by environmental biotechnology processes

Lely Industries is HQ’ed in The Netherlands and produces agriculture equipment, machines, dairy robots, automated feed systems and green energy processes. It operates internationally in about 60 countries. During anaerobic digestion of organics CO2 is formed together with methane. Instead of becoming part of biogas, this CO2 can also be sequestered by silicates, producing silica and carbonates creating three benefits: biogas enriched in CH4, more stable digester pH and a sink for CO2 of which the precipitated carbonates either add to the fertilizer quality of digested organics or can serve as construction material.

If the sequestration CO2 takes place in the anaerobic bioreactor, energy consuming silicate pre-processing is not required, which gives an additional saving on CO2 emissions. When applied on a large scale, the potential is sequestration of 1,5-2% of all human CO2 production. www.lely.com


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