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  • 20140409 NL GUTS & PIN NL Presentations Separation and Process Intensification

20140409 NL GUTS & PIN NL Presentations Separation and Process Intensification

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands





20140409 Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV - Mr. Sjaak Remmerswaal – “Bronswerk in Process Industry”

Bronswerk is a leading manufacturer of heat transfer and process equipment in NL with export worldwide for the process industry. Bronswerk has invested in process design and engineering to develop new technologies and act in the forefront of energy saving process equipment. Example is the Whizz-Wheel fans for air-cooled heat exchangers with 20-25% more air flow at the same noise levels and 35% higher energy efficiency. Another development together with ECN and ISPT is the thermo-acoustic heat pump to upgrade waste heat to process level and the light weight Radiax pumps for 1-stage 20 bar pressure increase with 0-100% flexibility for flow and pressure at a fixed set point. Design is supported by Bronswerk’s own thermal and fluid modelling design systems. www.bronswerk.com


20140409 Universität Paderborn (DE) – Prof. Dr. Ing. Eugeny Kenig – “Update on dividing wall column technology”

The Fluid Process Engineering group at Paderborn works on the DWC as a PI response to rising energy demands, requiring efficient and clean energy usage especially for energy intensive process industries. From the historic developments in patents and installed base Kenig concludes that DWC will become the standard distillation tool. After an overview of DWC configurations, the demonstrated advantages are up to 50% less energy consumption, more compact and considerable lower investments with higher product quality and revamp payback times of one till two year outweigh limitations in process degrees of freedom, but controllability is good. Current modelling is sufficient for non-reactive DWC’s but not yet for more complex systems. In spite of that major breakthrough is taking place: http://mb.uni-paderborn.de/fluidverfahrenstechnik/


20140409 Micronit Microfluidics B.V. – Mr. Mark Olde Riekerink – “Chemical processes and separation technology on a microscale”

Micronit is a high tech internationally operating process SME focusing on developing, prototyping and high-volume manufacturing of Lab-on-a-chip Products for multinationals and research institutes in Life Sciences and Chemistry. Products range from droplet generators, micromixers, micro-reactors to micro-macro interfaces made of glass. Micronit currently develops micro-separators based on electrophoresis and acoustophoresis. They enable very accurate separation of charged molecules, micro-reactor products, point of care products, analysis, cell sorting and highly efficient separation of cells and particles. www.micronit.com


20140409 Universität Erlangen (DE) – Sebastian Nimmig – “Pure Enantiomers at High Yields by Integrating Chromatography, Isomerisation Reaction and Membrane Filtration”

The Research Group Integrated Separation Processes at Erlangen studies hybrid separation processes. Where conventional chromatographic separation of enantiomers has limited yield, combining the conversion of the E2 to the desired E1 with chromatography increases the yield dramatically, but in dilute solvents. Adding NF results in a low solvent consumption while recovering high purity product. From different process configurations the one with best yield and performance could be selected, implemented as an integrated process and tested on industrial compounds. www.tvt.cbi.uni-erlangen.de/forschung/integrated-processes.shtml


20140409 Process Design Center B.V. – Hans Keuken – “PI Solutions by structured reverse process synthesis”

PDC is renowned for its process energy analysis and process synthesis capabilities assisting leaders of process industry. Applying their PROSYN tool for conceptual process design has demonstrated capital savings up to 50% and primary energy savings of up to 70% versus SoA. Reversing the methodology by starting with an existing Process Intensification solution and identifying the most suitable applications using PROSYN may quantify benefits of PI in these applications, speed up implementing PI and reduce time to market of novel PI solutions enhancing involvement of SME technology suppliers. www.process-design-center.com


20140409 ECN – Paul Cobden – “Sorption Enhanced Water Gas Shift Technology for CO2 Removal”

ECN develops SEWGS as part of the CCS pre-combustion approach. It makes use of a newly developed stable adsorbens in a PSA mode to capture the sour components both CO2 and H2S from the WGS mixture. Crucial is to limit the steam CO2 ratio. A large pilot has accomplished 1,0 reducing CCS cost by 35% compared to SoA for IGCC with higher net power efficiency and Blast Furnace Gas in steel making on basis of the complete process schemes analysis and cost calcs. Next phase is validation in the STEPWISE demo. www.ecn.nl


20140409 Technical University Denmark – Alexander Mitic – “Speeding-up slow chemical reactions”

The Center for Process Engineering and Technology at the DTU analyses PI to speed up reactions especially for the pharmaceutical industry applying process analytical technologies (PAT) and process systems engineering (PSE) Clopenthixol for example involves at least 8 reaction and separation steps. Switching from batch to continuous processes, removing buffer volume and change of auxiliary chemicals and combining steps reduced the total production time tremendously. www.kt.dtu.dk


20140409 Chemtrix/Flowid – Gijs van der Zanden – “Controlling highly exothermic reactions at room temperature”

Chemtrix develops and builds continuous flow reactor systems with fouling, corrosion, and temperature resistant SiC micro-reactors, channels, static mixers and heat exchangers. The excellent thermal conductivity makes these systems suitable to control highly exothermic reactions at room temperature without giving in on efficiency. Commercial applications are found in pharma, agro. Combining with Flowid’s spinning disc reactor reduces the Process Mass Index further. www.chemtrix.com


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