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Pervatech – Pervaporation Systems

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20140211 Pervatech – Mr. Frans Velterop – Pervaporation Systems and Applications

The Dutch SME Pervatech celebrates 15 years design, production and sales of pervaporation and vapor permeation membranes, modules and technology supported by application specific consultancy. Membranes are mainly ceramic based: Silica, Optimized Silica, Hybsi, Titania, and Zirconia supplemented by PDMS based polymer membranes for organophilic separations.

Demonstrated applications are breaking azeotropes, water removal from organics (alcohols, A-protic solvents, DmAc, DMSO, DMF, Ethyl acetate, NMP, Phenol, Acetonitril, THF) and essential oils, separation of low molecular from high molecular solvents, in-situ dehydration of condensation reactions (trans-) esterification, acetylisation, ketalisation; isolation of aromas and flavours, VOC recovery, specific fermentor organics and wastewaters. DEMA direct ethanol from micro-algae. Examples of applications as singular units and as hybrid units in combination with conventional distillation.

The most recently marketed product is the 1,2 m long multibore ceramic element reducing module size and cost. Financial feasibility figures of different applications were presented. www.pervatech.com 


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