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Dishman – Development and design of new production plant

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20140617 Dishman Netherlands B.V. – Mieke Sibeijn – “Development and design of the new production plant at Dishman Netherlands”

Dishman Netherlands produces cholesterol and lanolin alcohols from wool grease plus Vitamin D and analogs for pharma, cosmetics, food/feed and technical applications. The process consists of 1) saponification (followed by solvent extraction steps to separate lanolin alcohols from lanolin fatty acids; with solvent recovery) and 2) cholesterol purification (involving chromatography, crystallization, filtration, drying and milling) to produce lanolin alcohols and two cholesterol fractions.

With external experts from the NL GUTS network improvement options from a previous scan of the process have been implemented: lay-out, acid wash, sulfate removal from aqueous waste stream, reboiler on rectifier (no live steam) resulting in lower energy consumption and improved environmental performance. www.dishman-netherlands.com


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