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TU Eindhoven – Micro Liquid-Liquid Extraction

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20140923 TU Eindhoven – Mr. Wim Gaakeer – “Micro Liquid-Liquid Extraction – Experimental Proof”

TU Eindhoven favors continuous micro-reactors because of capacity. It also enhances the potential of downstream unit operations like micro-separators. The micro L-L extractor capacity per m ³ unit volume is high. Advantages are fast mass transfer, good separation, of phases after the transfer and increased yield in counter current mode. Capacity increase done without scaling-up the process. Taylor flow conditions may have smaller kLa but extraction efficiency = 1 in only seconds residence time, while phase separation is easy with low energy dissipation.

The theory behind Taylor flow separation was highlighted with design features and experimental proof. In addition to Taylor extraction, emulsion an coalescer of micro-channels with hydrophilic and hydrophobic walls is very efficient. www.tue.nl https://www.tue.nl/en/university/departments/chemical-engineering-and-chemistry/


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