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Procédé, Twence, Bouman Systems – Flue gas scrubbing

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20141125 Procédé Group B.V.– Mr. Sjaak van Loo - “Mineralisation in a scrubber”; Twence – Andy Roeloffzen & Bouman Systems B.V. – Mr. Ewald Koster – “Flue gas scrubbing and Flue gas treatment with the same compound”

Two SME’s Procédé and Bouman cooperated with Twence to develop a CO2 capture method that produces sodium-bicarbonate SBC. The same SBC in its turn is used to capture CO2 from Municipal Solid Waste Combustion instead of using sodium carbonate. The development of the technology, the piloting, the demo, the full scale unit and the results were explained, including a new system to inject SBC slurry in the flue gas.

The slurry replaces dry SBC, savings in SBC, no temperature drop in flue gas, 100% conversion of CO2 captured, > 95% carbonate conversion. Major equipment savings accomplished.
www.procede.nl  – www.twence.nlwww.bouman.nl


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