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TU Delft – Electrospray Crystallisation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20141125 TU Delft – Mrs. Marloes Reus – “Electrospray Crystallisation”

Suppose a salt solution leaves a nozzle as small droplets entering an electrical field forming an aerosol of micron-sized droplets, that evaporate ending up as sub-micron crystalline particles. The jet depends on the field force and determines the product features.

Advantages are better shape control, narrow size distribution, less defects and inclusions, higher solution rate, better bio-availability than crystals from cooling. Experimental set-up, conditions and results were presented for Niflumic acid, iso-nicotinamide, Caffeine, RDX and TNT. www.tudelft.nl  www.3me.tudelft.nl/biwic2011


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