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AkzoNobel – mTA Crystallisation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20141125 AkzoNobel – Mr. Jan Meijer – “mTA Crystallisation”

AkzoNobel developed a new anti-caking agent Fe-mesoTartrate complex or mTA for salt (NaCl) use, transport, storage and the Chlor-alkali process, to replace Fe(CN)64- patented by AkzoNobel half a century ago and the current standard worldwide. Fe(CN)6 disturbs the crystal grid of NaCl, so it keeps salt flowing. However it also causes some iron-hydroxide deposits in electrolysis cells and may form some NCl3, resulting in extra power consumption. mTA neither disturbs the process, which saves power, maintenance and membrane/electrode replacement, nor has it other drawbacks.

Today more than 15 million ton of salt has been produced with mTA. To produce mTA AkzoNobel developed a new process to selectively crystallise mTA form a racemic mixture. It has been fully commercialised. www.akzonobel.com


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