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MetalMembranes – Metal Nanoporous membranes

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20150210 MetalMembranes BV – Mr. Sybrand Metz – “Nanoporous membranes made out of metal”

MetalMembranes developed hard crystalline porous α-Al2O3 membranes from Al on a titanium support with plasma electrolytic oxidation. In the original metal Al layers flow channels are etched to form a well defined flow pattern with access to the actual membranes. The membranes have a high porosity with straight quite accurate pore sizes of 100-150 nm with 50-150 μm thickness. Permeate channels are etched in the Ti support layer. The flat sheet membranes are stacked to form modules. When using Ti as starting material pores of < 10 nm can be made.
They feature high clean water fluxes (> 3.000 l/(m².h), recoverable after cleaning.

Applications are tested in prototypes for fast growth detection of micro-organisms, for electro-filtration of cells (>500 l/(m².h) and other. www.metalmembranes.nl


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