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VITO – Macrocyclisation reactions using membranes

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20150210 VITO NV (BE) – Mr. Pieter Vandezande – “Volume intensification of macrocyclisation reactions using membranes“

Reactive systems that require dilution to accomplish minimum yield, to prevent by-products & side-reactions or to avoid limitations from high concentrations of reactants feature high solvent use and large batch reactors while conversion is <100%.

VITO developed the membrane assisted VID (volume-intensified dilution) process that increases yield, reduces solvent use by > 50% with 100% conversion potential. One approach is to place an NF membrane on the reactor that retains substrate and products and returns solvent to the upstream solvent – substrate mixing tank. Another approach feds solvent and reactants separately to a mixer/reactor that discharges into a separation tank, to which the NF membrane is connected. Both are effective depending on the reactive system.

In a second part VITO demonstrated that 90% of API van be recovered from waste liquids through combining concentration and solvent diafiltration with OSN. www.vito.be


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