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TU Delft – Mini-channel heat exchangers in distillation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20150623 Technical University Delft - Mr. Dennis van de Bor –“Mini-channel heat exchangers in distillation”

As part of the investigation of increasing the performance of compression-resorption heat pumps a mini-channel heat exchanger at the absorber side was modeled and experimentally verified for low T and large heat duty situations. The HE consisted of a large number of 0,5 mm ID / 1,1 mm OD rods in a shell. Tube and shell side heat transfer coefficients were determined in a water/water and water/ammonia situation with effects on pressure drops on both sides. Excellent heat transfer rates were established and well predicted by the model, increasing with increasing mass flux.
In the tubes pressure drop increased due to fouling however initially with little impact on heat transfer. Also at the tubes inlet accumulation of fouling occurred, an aspect for commercial units as well as ensuring good flow distribution over the tubes.

Very performant results for industrial heat pumps on low fouling systems. Units are small and easy to implement as an add-on.



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