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Wageningen University – Monolith Structural Adsorbents

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20150915 Wageningen University - Mrs. Marta Rodriguez Illara –“Structural Adsorbents (Monoliths)”

Monoliths in chromatography are defined as ‘one piece stationary phase with (micro)channels. The channels are random or structured (channeled). Applying channel monoliths to isolate functional food ingredients requires understanding how they work. Findings from models and experiments are that polymeric columns have low surface area for small molecules, cell density not sufficient, high axial dispersion, early breakthrough.

On the other hand they have a higher specific permeability, low plugging, low pressure drop. With the right design method, channel monoliths need lower resin volumes, specific productivity is 2,5 time higher, better at low K-values, but design challenges are still: smaller channel diameters, thinner walls, more efficient geometries.

Low pressure drop allows long columns or in series. An invitation for monolith manufacturers to develop and produce monoliths for food industry. http://library.wur.nl/WebQuery/clc/2070173


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