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EColoRO - Zero discharge with large scale Electrocoagulation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20150915 EColoRO B.V.- Mr. Eric van Sonsbeek & Han Oude Groeniger - “Zero discharge with large scale Electrocoagulation: First experience results and upcoming European demonstration”

From solving major operating problems of an ineffective textile wastewater treatment plant WWTP of 200 m³/h the founders of the start-up EColoRO developed a novel system to recover 90% of the water and remove 93-96% of colour, by adsorption to freshly generated iron-flocs, at acceptable investment and running cost. Heart of the system is a revised Electro-Coagulation reactor in combination with DAF/UF operated in a novel way followed by RO/NF. EC sludge, mainly iron-oxide/hydroxide is much less than for conventional bio and physical-chemical treatment. DS is >50% after filter press. The power uptake is around 1 kWh/m³. Total running cost is below fresh water intake. Higher water recoveries can be achieved with an evaporator.

The concept received a H2020 grant through ISPT to develop a pilot and demo-plant for several locations in EU. www.ecoloro.nl  www.ecwrti.eu  www.ispt.eu


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