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Synthon – Affinity separations of bio-therapeutic proteins

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20150915 Synthon B.V. - Mr. Michel Eppink – ”Affinity separations of bio-therapeutic proteins”

Currently one of the larger medium sized pharmaceutical companies in NL. Synthons focus is oncology and autoimmune diseases in ultra-modern production facilities with tendency to disposable reactors where feasible.

Synthons programs cover cell killing monoclonal anti-bodies, harvested, extracted, fractionated and purified with functionalized membranes, beads, precipitated or crystallised according to in-house developed DSP trains. Chromatographic techniques used are GPC, IEX, HIC, HAP, RPC while Bio-affinity AC was discussed in more detail. Bio-AC works on specific interaction between an anti-body and an anti-gen. Enriched by elution, purities of >95% can be reached in one step.

Synthon typically follows the feasibility lab stage pilot stage sequence, but is able to work rapidly thanks to an automised technology screening platform, high throughput analysis and test methodology. Selected resins are studied in more detail for scale-up to process level. Examples were elucidated in detail. www.synthon.com


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