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Flowid – Technoproject SpinPro Extractor

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20151124 Flowid B.V. – Mr. Kevin van Eeten - “Technoproject results: Benchmarking the SpinPro Extractor”

Suppose you use the high centrifugal and high turbulence Spinning Disk reactor principles as starting point for a new extractor in which three media the feed flow, the extractant and the extract are blended and separated in one step within a few seconds, would such device perform a well as or better than conventional extraction devices?

In this Technoproject the SME Flowid bult the SpinPro Extractor and tested it together with NL GUTS members AkzoNobel and DSM. It is a three stage counter current extractor with centrifugal assisted separation and enhanced mass transfer from high shear and turbulence.

First step: benchmark performance with standard media. Experiments organic phase water phase separation efficiency: levering very broad and pumping small operating window.
NTU at highest PSE = 6,6-17,8/m of axis depending on media; but very capable of dealing with asymmetrical flow rates while reaching complete separation. www.flowid.nl


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