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TU Delft – Towards Rigorous Control of Batch Crystallisation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20151124 Technical University Delft – Mr. Peter Daudey – “Towards Rigorous Control of Batch Crystallisation”

After a brief review of trends in crystallisation from a historical perspective concluding that industry is moving away from large crystallisation (except for pharma API) the outline and results of the ISPT project ‘Intelligent Observer and Control in Pharmaceutical Batch Crystallisation’ were reviewed. However with a more far stretching question: do we really control batch? The extensive experiments in real systems confirm OPC works well, RI is robust, for FTIR-ATR the PLS model should be simplified, Perdix microscope with image analysis is useful for seeding and Ultrasound spectrum works well up to 30% solids.

Compiling all results demonstrate that full seeding does not work, controllability after adding seeds is poor, so in-batch control is hardly possible, but batch-to-batch iterative learning is more fruitful, secondary nucleation after partial seeding seems more promising and use a trigger to get it started. www.tud.nl www.ispt.eu


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