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University Leuven - Ultrasound-enhanced crystallisation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20151124 University Leuven (BE) - Mr. Tom van Gerven - “Ultrasound-enhanced crystallisation”

Ultrasound in liquids create cavities that generate extreme T and P conditions when collapsing causing intense shear forces that may result in pyrolysis, micro-mixing and destruction of boundary layers. With high speed camera’s KUL follows nucleation rate, crystal growth and size and shape of different US conditions.

US reduces the metastable zone at nucleation and reduces the growth time with a much sharper detection point, but US formed radicals may also destroy the product crystals. Out of three, two theories (1. Bubble as nucleation centre–2. Flow induced nucleation) may explain certain features. US (Hz,W,T) affects crystal growth, morphology, crystal break-up (resonance). But US can also be used to control enantiomers, polymorphism.

US and specifically pulsed US are promising as a non-contact actuators. https://cit.kuleuven.be/process/process_intensification


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