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Next Filtration – Enhanced crystallisation through TAC

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20151124 Next Filtration (UK) - Mr. Mike Smethurst – ”Enhanced crystallisation through TAC”

Conventional ion exchange water softeners replace multivalent by monovalent ions to prevent scaling. The IX resins regeneration produces a slat rich eluate of which disposal become more and more problematic. Nanofiltration softening discharges quite a volume of good water.

Template Assisted Crystallisation TAC uses polymer beads with functional groups that catalyse the formation of CaCO3 at the bead surface and release it as microscopic crystals to the bulk to stay as suspended CaCO3 and do not cause scaling.
The USA WateReuse Research Foundation tested TAC together with IX, EDI (both IX based) and two alternatives. TAC reduced scale by >90% getting close to the IX based and considerably better than the other two.

Results were substantiated by chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction and heating coil elements observations. CAPEX is < 50% of IX; <25% of EDI; OPEX is < 20% of IX; < 25% of EDI. www.nextfiltration.co.uk  www.scalestop.co.uk  www.watereuse.org/foundation


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