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  • 20160216 NL GUTS Presentations Membrane Separation

20160216 NL GUTS Presentations Membrane Separation

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NL GUTS Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


NL GUTS MEETING in association with NMG


Copies of the presentations can be downloaded from the NL GUTS member site Presentaties
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20160216 Wafilin Systems B.V. – Mr. Jos van Dalfsen – “Sampling with Membranes”

WafilinSystems develops, engineers and supplies membrane systems for process industries. It has developed a 200-2.000 ml/minute crossflow MF/UF module with stainless steel housing to take inline samples from process units. Depending on the membrane insert the temperature and chemical resistance can be adjusted. Fouling is prevented by air scouring. Several units are in operation. Other commercialised systems recover water, heat and detergents in laundries (Kerawash: water consumption down to 2 from 10 liter/kg) and treat hospital wastewater. New development is concentrating raw milk at the farm to 25% ds to reduce transport cost, processing volume en CO2 footprint www.wafilinsystems.nl


20160216 LouwersHanique B.V. – Mr. Paul Peeters - Early Adopter Project results “Inorganic Hollow Fiber Module: potential for large scale filtration

LouwersHanique is a specialised SME for thermal processing, machining, etching and assembling  glass, ceramics and metal parts and objects for industrial purposes. LH started a new business line for developing the market of high end MF membrane filters on basis of the inorganic (SS, Al2O3, SiC, Ni, YSZ) hollow fibres developed by University Twente. The EAP served to make and test the first small modules on streams from Dishman and FrieslandCampina, containing grease, lactose, KCl, water and solvent. Shell participated. Filtration efficiency was excellent with good flux, which justifies development of larger modules. LH exploits its 65 years of materials expertise to also create a sturdy potting. www.louwershanique.com  


20160216 Sartorius Stedim GmbH – Mr. Stefan Fischer-Frühholz – Membrane Chromatography in Biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Sartorius produces and commercialises Sartobind symmetric microporous (3-5 µm) membrane adsorbers with functionalised groups that act as chromatographic resins, but with much shorter diffusion path lengths, higher porosity, larger internal adsorption area, and lower pressure drops than the resin beads. The capacity is about 2 kg protein/kg Sartobind. The shorter path lengths lift the diffusion limitation. The binding capacity becomes much less dependent on molecular weight and independent from flow rate till high throughputs with sharper breakthrough curves in much  smaller bed volumes. smaller total plant size and system volume, which also saves CIP costs. Applications are in mAb  production and purification of viruses. www.sartorius-stedim.com


20160216 BLUE-tec B.V. - Mr. Lex van Dijk - Early Adopter Project results “Forward Osmosis

As one of the first companies BLUE-tec develops forward osmosis (FO) processes to concentrate process streams by drawing water from the process liquid through a membrane to a more salty stream. With FO the water flow through the membrane surface is limited, reducing fouling considerably. Absence of high pressures prevents damage to sensitive constituents, while very high concentration factors are achieved. The salty draw solution is preferably an existing stream. For NL GUTS members DSM, FrieslandCampina  (Vitamin C, whey concentration) and Marfo (N, P recovery from food wastewater) the results of this Early Adopter Project are positive. Zero .Liquid Discharge from oil & gas produced water (Shell) is underway. More applications are investigated. Economic analyses suggest less than 3 years PBT. Several project members will apply for a follow-up development project.  Worth mentioning is BLUE-tec’s other membrane contactor for recovery of NH3 from waters, the Nitricycle process. www.blue-tec.nl


20160216 ISPT – Mrs. Klaartje Rietkerken – EBI call (EAPJIP) and Technology suppliers booklet

RVO.nl opens the new EAP and JIP calls 1 April 2016. ISPT is focal point for its execution. Proposals should comply with one of eight program lines of ISPT. EAP grant is max 50.000 EUR (first come first serve) plus 12.500 from NL GUTS for separation processes. JIP is tendered with  max. is 1 Mln EUR grant. Introductory seminar is on 10 March 2016 from 09.45 to 14.30 at ISPT. http://www.ispt.eu/events/information-session-energy-savings-in-industry/


20160216 NIZO - Mr. Coen Akkerman - Premia, a software tool to customize the membrane installation to needs of the customer

The vast experience at NIZO with membrane processes for food applications have been integrated in Premia. In the model the filtration, technical and molecular properties of liquid components are used in combination with the economical values of these components, to provide a decision support tool for the design of a membrane unit. The user of the membrane unit specifies the value of each component per stream. Premia has the ability to connect the results of different unit processes in a complete installation, which allows iterative design as well as debottlenecking analysis, for instance RO – evaporator – spray drier. This makes possible real time analysis of inline generated data for immediate action in process control. www.nizo.nl


20160216 University Twente – Mr. Erik Roesink – Making Money with Porous Plastic; Capillary NanoFiltration”

Besides an overview of different membrane research topics at UT, Roesink’s vison on future membrane applications and their membrane types concerns removal of micro-pollutants (capillary NF), anti-viral properties (membrane coatings and nano-Cu, Ag), bio-mimics (internal water transport Aquaporin, FO), high flux-low fouling NF/RO out-in modules and solvent free membrane production. The start-up NX Filtration (Somut-JB Ventures) together with Oasen and ARTECS will take part in the development of several of these topics. www.utwente.nl


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