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20160216 BLUE-tec - EAP results Forward Osmosis

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20160216 BLUE-tec B.V. - Mr. Lex van Dijk - Early Adopter Project results “Forward Osmosis

As one of the first companies BLUE-tec develops forward osmosis (FO) processes to concentrate process streams by drawing water from the process liquid through a membrane to a more salty stream. With FO the water flow through the membrane surface is limited, reducing fouling considerably. Absence of high pressures prevents damage to sensitive constituents, while very high concentration factors are achieved. The salty draw solution is preferably an existing stream.

For NL GUTS members DSM, FrieslandCampina  (Vitamin C, whey concentration) and Marfo (N, P recovery from food wastewater) the results of this Early Adopter Project are positive. Zero Liquid Discharge from oil & gas produced water (Shell) is underway. More applications are investigated. Economic analyses suggest less than 3 years PBT.

Several project members will apply for a follow-up development project. Worth mentioning is BLUE-tec’s other membrane contactor for recovery of NH3 from waters, the Nitricycle process. www.blue-tec.nl


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