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20160419 Russell Finex – New developments in ultrasonic screening

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20160419 Russell Finex N.V. – Mr. Robert-Jan Zoeteman – “New developments in ultrasonic screening”

Russell Finex (USA) with its Benelux company in Mechelen (BE) manufactures screens, sieves and filters for a vast number of applications in almost all sectors of process industry in 140 countries. Latest topic is 3D printing. Specialty is low noise vibrating screens, easy to strip and clean, quick replacement and high throughput per m².

In Belgium RF operates a fully equipped test lab. Screens for solids range from 20 µm up with capacities up to 70.000 kg/h. As a stack they fractionate up to five grades. With a second layer in the overflow the screen area is enlarged by 70%. To prevent any loss of powder or dust the outlets of te screens can be sealed by a intermittently opening gated outlet.

Screens can be completely enclosed in food and pharma-grade versions. For more demanding applications as regards plugging of screens, RF has developed for small and large screens an ultra sound probe directly applied on the screen wires mesh, that efficiently prevents the materials to stick on the wires. It also increases the capacity in non-sticky applications considerably. www.russellfinex.com 


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